I Will Not STOP!

A rare glimpse into the future,
Scares me, even though I see it in sutures,
Where I’m going, where I’ve been,
What I’ve done, what I’ve seen,
This life and all its complexities,
Conjures up many forms of perplexities.

What tomorrow holds,
Slowly but surely unfolds,
What I do today and the day after,
Whatever I encounter,
Must open a new chapter,
Is it my aim to please?
Or is it my aim to succeed?
Have I been governed by pleas?
At last, will I secede?

Am I living or existing?
Am I thriving or simply subsisting?
I watch and wonder,
I pause and ponder,
As life throws me lemons,
And it gets so tough
Making the proverbial lemonade,
My spirit becomes trepid,
As if asked to catch a grenade.

Is my life worthy of emulation and commendation?
Are the drums rolled out to celebrate me at the town hall?
Or are my praises sung in whispers in street corners?
I refuse to be satisfied with the status quo,
There has to be more to life than this.

My insatiable libido for greatness,
Dwarfs the opposing icon of bleakness,
I want to see life from the pent house of the empire state building,
I need to squash this myopic bungalow approach to reality,
It only hinders progress and engenders frailty.

Through bumps and bombs, chaos and chasms,
Still I rise, still I fight,
My path I decide, my destiny I preside,
I will not flinch, I will not stop,
Till I become rich and scarcity stops!

 – BloodyNigerian


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