The Present Nigeria!

Nigeria, a country endowed with so much wealth,
Yet the system plummets with lucid stealth,
Zero infrastructures, no one is liable,
Private and public entities, not one is reliable,
Nigeria, the alleged giant of Africa,
Still being fed by hand-outs from America.

Where others have stooped to conquer,
Our belligerent leaders have stooped to launder,
Our roads have become death traps,
The educational structure has collapsed,
Our orientation is in a state of constant relapse,
Our youths can no longer bridge the gaps.

Political Power is eclectic,
Electrical Power is epileptic,
We remain in an under-developed state,
It’s a ludicrous farce to claim a developing fate,
The country is navigated by the rule of thumb,
Our destination, an imminent conundrum.

A priviledge few, the elite crew,
A colossal mass, the lower class,
We indefatigably strive to stay alive,
The seemingly weak is swept aside,
As we still struggle to fight simple malaria,
We all pray and hope for a better Nigeria.

– BloodyNigerian


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