Chronicles of an Insane Intern (Episode 3)

In case you missed the first and second episodes, read them here.


What did I just do? My conceited nature is getting the better of me these days.

I asked the new CEO out on a date?!

Such crazy effrontery! Damn! This was some real, confirm gbege! Hmmmm! She looked excessively beautiful though.

I turned and started walking towards her office in such unhurried strides; one would think I was walking my wife down the aisle on our wedding day. Slowly but surely, I got to the door, I could feel the stares of a thousand eyes as everyone’s gaze was fixed on me. What would happen when I entered that room?

I braced up, adjusted my Josh Amor suit and opened the door…

“Have you gone insane?” This was the first thing I heard. I was almost tempted to tell her yes. But silence was my best friend at this abstemious moment.

“Is that what you were employed to do?”

“What did you call your name again?” I couldn’t even reply.

“So that is how you harass our customers every day?”

“Were you employed to constitute a nuisance to the company and its clients?”

“Who employed you anyway? Are you deaf? Can’t you hear me?” Her voice was getting louder.

“I am very sorry ma”. I struggled to mutter, still looking down at the tiled floor, afraid to raise my head to catch her gaze as I was sure there was fire in her eyes as she spoke. I silently prayed this shouldn’t end with a “You are Fired”. I spent seven months searching for a job, before I finally got this intern post and I was barely three months old at Freelance Incorporated.

“Is I am sorry the answer to my questions?” I am definitely filing a query for gross misconduct and your salary this month will be deducted. She resumed her calm demeanour.

“I am very sor…” My plea was interrupted by a knock on the door.

The door opened and Mr. Femi Akinsanya, the former CEO, stepped in.

“Hi, Oluchi, do you have a moment?”

“Yes, of course.” She smiled.

She looked at me; I managed to raise my head a bit. “I’ll be seeing you later. Get out of my office!” She snarled.

“Good morning, Mr. Femi”. I mumbled, turned and walked out as fast as I could. I closed the door behind me and sighed. I needed no prophet to tell me that I would be one of the topics of discussion between the new CEO and her predecessor.

I started walking towards my desk and I could feel everyone’s eyes following me as I took each step. I managed to get back to my workstation in one piece and buried myself in a pile of work.


I continued brushing my teeth as the mist cleared from the mirror. The previous day had not been easy at all and neither was the night. The past day had been pretty exhausting. After taking my bath, I strolled towards the living room, it was kinda cold, so I switched off the AC. I was feeling a bit tired, so I decided to take a little nap on the brown couch beside the reading table. I laid down and placed my head on the armrest, snuggling round two throw pillows.

“Alagbara, you are the mighty God, eyin latobiju, you are the glorious God…” the song by Onos echoed softly through my ears as I opened my eyes. It sluggishly dawned on me, that it was my ringtone, my phone was ringing. It was Bukola from the office!

“Hello, where the hell are you? Its twenty six minutes past 8!!!”

“Whaaaat? Eeerrm, eerrrm, I’m on my way!”

“You are so dead, Shola!” She ended the call.

Holy Moses!!!  I looked at the antique clock on the adjacent wall, it was really 8.26am! I rushed to get dressed. I am so getting fired. This was a very bad day to come in late. Just yesterday I was in a not-too-good situation with the CEO and the very next day, Lateness!!  Which of the gods have I offended, that’s causing all this?

I literally ran out of the house, it was 8.35am! The bus-stop was jam-packed with loads of people. Buses were coming in trickles and there was No Okada in sight! Chai! Fashola has killed me, why did he ban this okada guys anyway?? I saw a keke and jumped in without even asking where it was going, I just had to leave that crowded place.

“Oga, where you dey go?” The keke driver asked.

“I am going to Ikeja.”

“Na Ojota I dey go O, oga no vex.”

What is happening? I asked myself, trying to wrap my head around the crazy situation I was in. I came down from the keke, looked back at the crowded bus-stop, then I looked up at the lengthy line of traffic looming ahead, I knew it was all over. I shook my head and started walking…


To be continued…



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