I Am Creating My Future, Are You??


Even though it’s not #ThrowBackThursday, let me just take a moment to reminisce on the old days.

ayThis is me, way back in 2005. That’s over a decade ago. How time flies?? You suddenly bathe your eyelids and eleven years have gone by.

Life can be hard, but only the tough make it through.  Don’t you sometimes feel like turning back the hands of time and go back to the days when you were just a child? No worries! No stress! No rent to pay, no bills to worry about! I sure had some fun days as a child.

I remember back in secondary school (or what you ajebos call High School), when we would wait in school after hours and lure the chickens from the school farm to our classroom using corn as bait. Someone will be waiting behind the door, with a big basket to trap them and we would make a small fire at the back of the class and roast them chickens. Another sure guy would have  brought ijebu garri and we would settle down to eat our stolen meal amidst loud gist and laughter. We wrecked so much havoc on the school farm that the school authorities had to close it down.  Let me not bore you with more sordid stories.

But the good old days swoosh by like a flash and the harsh realities start setting in. I have had the good times and I have had the bad times .The past ten years has been full of ups and downs, hustles and struggles, success and failures. I have had jobs and lost it, I have had a car and lost it, I have made money and lost it.

I have been through situations that I thought was insurmountable, thrown in pits that seemed bottomless, but still I rise, still I fight. I believe the next ten years will be different.


My life is on course for greatness and there’s no turning back. I look forward to a bright future orchestrated by me. A wise man once said that “To predict the future is to create it”.

I Am Creating My Future, Are You??



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