Chronicles of an Insane Intern (Episode 6)


I’m very sure some of you missed the previous episodes, read them there.


I was going to tell the porter to give me my bag, when a black Mercedes Benz SUV drove in and blocked my view, the back door opened and…

An incredibly handsome guy steps out of the car, he was wearing shiny black oxford brogue shoes, a grey bespoke tailored suit and his shirt was flawless white; he comes towards the car trunk (in Nigeria, we call this the boot) to pick his luggage, as he passed by me, I noticed he smelled like fresh olives with a slight blend of lavender and cinnamon. He was looking so Harvey Specter in garb, yet had the build and velvety dark skin of Morris Chestnut. To cut the long story short, the guy was HOT in all ramifications!

Please, let me decree and declare at this point that I am not gay in any way, I am just describing what I saw, before somebody will start having inane ideas. Ehn! Ehn! Back to where I was, while I was still busy scoping the guy, the other side of the car door opens and Mrs. Oluchi steps out. She was stunning as usual; her flowery red gown was runway worthy as well as her casual Loboutin shoes. As she walked, she deliberately lifts her feet and leaves it in the air for just a few more seconds so we can see that the base is red. Yeah, yeah, I know, the woman can be so exquisite and vain.

Looking at Morris Chestnut and my CEO now, it was looking like this was more of a vacation than a business trip. I was eager to find out what laid ahead in Abuja, so I walked up front to seemingly help the CEO out with her luggage, but the porters had already hustled it. She was having a discussion with Morris Chestnut and she had a bunch of folders in her hand which she handed over to me as I walked over.

Hey, Shola, it’s good that you are not late again. I need you to read all that’s in those files while we are on the plane and brief me immediately we land.

Yes Ma.

This is Bashir Danjuma, (pointing at Morris Chestnut) he is the CEO of BlueGate Technologies. He will be attending the meeting with us as a supply-partner.

Hi, nice to meet you. He said in a smooth baritone similar only to that of Vin Diesel.

I’m fine, Sir.

They continued on with their conversation as they walked into the airport lobby. I walked behind them trying to see if I could eavesdrop, but I could not hear a thing. I just heard fragments here and there. “Today”, “efficient” and “all night” were some of the words that spilled out to my ears from their discus. Bashir must have said something very hilarious as Mrs. Oluchi suddenly burst out in hysterical laughter. I have never seen her laugh out so loud. Ok. I’ve only known her a few days, I can’t really judge. But right now, in my mind, I’m beginning to really question the real motive of his inclusion on the business trip.

We all ambled towards the airline’s pavilion and we had not even gotten to the airline’s desk when an announcement came over the speakers that our flight for 3pm to Abuja was going to be delayed for an hour due to weather conditions. Haba?! I will not call the name of the airline, make dem no come arrest me, but I will just tell you that their name starts with an “A”. I was wondering why the delay because the weather looked ok to me. There were neither thunderstorms nor heavy rainfall, it was a bright sunny day. Nigerian airlines sha! They can come up with the lamest excuses for flight delays.

We leaned over to the sides to take our seats among the many other passengers on the right side of the lobby. Grumbles and curses were hovering across the hall as people didn’t hold back their restraints with verbal curses ringing in the air. I was not in the mood for such tense negativity though, I walked over to the far right and found an empty seat close to a young girl who looked very much in her teens. She was very calm; she didn’t seem bothered by the delay, so I moved over and sat down next to her.

I looked around to see if I could catch a glimpse of the CEO and Morris Chestnut and I saw them seating by the far end of the Double 44 restaurant, at the gallery of the lobby already enjoying some Mojitos. Alright, they seem not be bothered as well as their conversation wasn’t feisty rather more of pleasantries. I looked back at the teenage girl beside me, she seem to be oblivious of her surrounding but rather engrossed in a game of candy crush on her phone.

Hi, I’m Shola, are you on a trip to Abuja as well?

She didn’t even look up.

That’s candy crush right? What level are you in?

She didn’t answer.

Which kain person be dis? I said to myself. Ok, just one more try. One more try and that’s it.

These airlines can like to frustrate somebody sometimes.

She stole a glance at me from the corner of her eyes and smiled.

Yeah they can, came the soft reply and she drifted back to her candy crush planet.

Ok at least, she gave a reply. There’s hope, let’s take it from there. She had a pair of glasses on, which gave her a nerdy look and she was wearing braces, but she still looked beautiful. She wore white sneakers, a blue jean and a white tee which had the inscription “Keep calm and think Harvey Specter”. Wow! She was a Suits fan! Yessssssssss! So was I! There was my ice breaker.

I don’t think Mike should have taken the deal?

That boy is just an arrogant idiot, came the reply as she paused the game on her phone and leaned back to face me. Now I definitely got her.

He was only thinking about himself. The idiot should have just let Harvey handle it and he wouldn’t have gone to prison. You said your name was what?

Shola, Shola Johnson.

Ok. I’m Amy.

Nice. So how about….

She cuts my answer mid-way… Do you know Jessica Pearson is leaving the firm?

Nope. Wow! I feigned surprise. Of course I knew, but I had to make her feel good. I don’t know where the discussion will lead to. Hmmmm, I know what you are thinking, but naah, it’s not going to lead to the other room. Yeah! Buhari is such a genius!!! Hahaha!

I don’t know what the series is going to look like without her, she seems to be a very dynamic piece of the crazy puzzle they craft in Pearson-Specter-Litt!

Well, let’s wait and see how they pull it off. It might just be as good as how Brian O’Connor’s Character (Paul Walker) was laid to rest in the Fast & Furious Franchise.

I can’t agree with you until I see how it’s done. And as for sweeping off Brian O’Connor, I won’t say anything until I see Fast 8. She said calmly.

Yeah. You have a point sha.

So do you live in Lagos or Abuja? I was eager to move the discussion to more personal issues as the flight delay wasn’t perpetual. No time!

I stay in Lagos. I’m going to Abuja to see my Dad before I go back to school. I haven’t seen him since I got back from school a little over a month ago.

Wow! Men and work right? I understand.

I was going to ask about where her Dad works, but I quickly changed my mind. Who the daddy don epp? Anyways, I will get the daddy details later. Now is the time for Amy details.

I’m sure you are in a private university, so which one? Redeemers, Babcock or Covenant?



What course?

International Law and Diplomacy.

Wow. Interesting. That’s a course you don’t hear about very often. I’m sure you having a great time at Babcock.

Hmmmm, Babcock? Let me not even start. Just let me leave it, because if I start, the VC might get me arrested for making derogatory statements about the establishment.

Alright. Let’s leave Babcock. So asides Suits, what other series catches your fancy?

How to get away with Murder and Blindspot.

I haven’t seen those.

You need to see them, they are amazing.

Ok. Will try.

So, what about you? What’s your story?

Not much about me. I work with Freelance Incorporated as an Intern. I was just given a sudden promotion today to be the CEO’s PA. I like movies and scrabble. I love Suits. All the characters are just so on point, even Louis Litt and..

Flight A02343RZ to Abuja is now boarding… the voice of the announcer over the speakers interrupts my introduction.

That’s our cue. I have to go now. I looked up and saw the CEO and Bashir already walking down the staircase.

That’s my CEO coming. I stood up and wanted to leave.

Relax, I am on the same flight as well, Shola. Wait for me.

Ok. Cool. She even remembers my name. Oshey! Let’s go! Abuja here we come.

So I waited. She gets up, puts her power bank in her handbag, picks up her back pack and we headed towards the departure lounge.

We continued our discussion on suits as we strolled. By the time we covered about ten feet, Mrs. Oluchi and Morris Chestnut were downstairs already. She walked towards me and asked…

Did you remember to collect our boarding passes from Mr. Sam at the office?

Errrrm… collect whaaaat?


To be continued…



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  1. mooonlight says:

    finally this bloodynigerian has posted Episode 6, Ope oooo…
    Lobatan!!!! Shola Johnson has forgotten boarding passes…eya
    Oya, Episode 7 come fast oooo…

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