I Write, Not Because…


This poem is dedicated to @ThatGurlDuba, because reading through her posts gave impetus to this and brought my writing mojo back. I love you Uche😉.

I write, not because I’m wise,
But my pen wouldn’t sit still even if I try,
I write, not because I’m right,
But with few words, many wrongs can be made right,
If anybody has looked through the good book of 66 chapters,
You would know that a soft word turns away wrath,
And words can mend life, even if in tatters.

I write, not because Chinua Achebe is an icon,
And photographs and autographs will be gold,
But the experiences of life shape your lexicon,
And circadian realities are the stories often told.

I write, not because writers are applauded,
But my mind is a weapon, I’ve got to keep it loaded,
Yeah, that previous line was from the boy Hakeem,
Before they say I plagiarized, I admit it’s him,
Nothing is new under the sun they say,
Though, we can chart a new course every day.

I write, not because “On Becoming” was a hit,
Some even said Toke was a nitwit and had fallen into a pit,
Why not keep the marriage, the façade, Maje and all?
But she took the risk, told it all and she did not fall,
Now she smiles to the bank with buckets of cash she can’t even carry,
And many can only look on with envy, Hauwa, Anita and even Larry.

I write, not because I am the one that conspired,
But by His grace, I am the one that is inspired,
The continuity and where it will lead, only He can tell,
He knows the destination, all I know is it will end well,
I write and will continue to write, till death do us part,
In His might, I am capable to do this right, at least, I know that!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Afua Addo says:

    …I am capable to do this right, at least, I know that!
    what are you feeling like?

    1. AY says:

      Thank you! Thank you! I love you too 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

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